Customers have the option of two different types of helmet camera: Conventional Systems , which need a recording device with an AV input, such as a compatible video camera, to record onto; or Self Contained systems which include the recording device.

Conventional Systems require a recording device with an AV input, such as a compatible video camera to record onto. Conventional systems offer the most flexibility for those who want to film standard and helmet camera footage and will generate the highest quality footage (especially with the Pro Series helmet cams). If you are unsure if your video camera is compatible, please contact us . Click on COMP, TEAM or PRO to see more info.

Self Contained Systems provide a complete helmet cam system, with an integrated recording device. These systems are compact, easy to use and connect directly to your TV and computer.

Our entry level helmet cam, with 420 TV Lines resolution, gives good quality footage at an affordable price.

The 480 TV Lines high resolution Team helmet cams provide high quality footage with a great range of options.

Super high 520 TV Lines resolution helmet cams for those who want the best.

The V.I.O. POV1 has taken the world by storm with it’s rugged waterproof design, high recording quality and ease of use.

The ELMO SUV-Cam is the smallest self contained helmet cam system available.