Launch Helmet Cams is dedicated to making high quality, affordable helmet camera kits to suit every budget and application. Our helmet cams are used by professional riders and film makers; they are built tough to withstand any abuse that you can throw at them. Check out our helmet cam footage and do a lap with Robbie Madison at the Red Bull X-Ray FMX comp, charge a few downhill runs with Sam Hill and watch some crash test footage to see just how tough our helmet cams are.

To find out more about how our helmet cams work, how to place an order and more, go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Launch Helmet Cams was out and about with the Homegrown Maniacs crew doing a shoot at the ‘Wasted Talent’ FMX compound in the South West of WA recently, shooting a segment for the HGM TV show.

We got some unique helmet camera footage with Shane ‘Townie’ Townsend commentating some laps around the motocross track and following Wayne Giblett into the 75ft ramps, with the lads throwing down some big trick for the cameras.

The weekend got off to a shakey start, with HGMtv presenter Kyrstal “Meth” Johnson overjumping the downy and landing way out in the flat, resulting in a fractured pelvis and ankle. We hope to see you back out on the bike soon Krystal!The versatility of our helmet cams was shown as we setup some special ‘handlebar cams’ and ‘boom cams’. Homegrown Maniacs exclusively uses Launch Helmet Cams.

Launch Helmet Cams has been busy in the lab developing a surfing specific helmet camera. This photo is a quick sneak peak of what our customers can expect from the new kit. The new waterproof kit is based around the popular V.I.O. POV1 helmet camera and is designed to take the higher pressures experienced by surfers in big wave wipe outs. Big wave tow-in surfer Alfie Cater will be testing the final product over the coming weeks with production expected by late April. Watch this space!

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