This is what everyone has been waiting for. A high quality cam that records directly to an SD card. The ELMO SUV cam is a complete system, the cam and recording device. The cam is tiny, measuring just 20mm (diameter) by 84mm (length). The recording device is small enough to fit in your pocket and features an LCD screen so you can watch the action straight after it happens. This is the easiest, most convenient way of capturing helmet cam footage around.

A 2GB memory card (not included) will hold an hour worth of footage at 25fps and 704×480 resolution. The inbuilt Nicad rechargeable battery is good for 2.5hours of continuous use. For SD memory cards and mounting options such as the Universal Mount check out the Helmet Cam Accessories page.

• 704 x 480 resolution recording

• Rechargeable Battery.

• AV and USB Cables included

• Takes up to 2GB SD card (not included)

• Free express delivery included

$995.00 inc GST