Goggle Strap Mount

The goggle strap mount has been specially designed for snowboarding and skiing. Two velcro straps hold the mount firmly on your goggle strap and another strap hold the helmet camera in place. The mount comes with adhesive backed velcro to put on your helmet camera to help lock it in place and ensure a steady shot.
Suits: All helmet cameras.

$19.00 inc GST

Spare Lens

Optional 2.97mm wide or 8mm narrow angle lens’s available for the Comp, Team and Pro series helmet cams which come standard with a 3.6mm lens (72 degree field of view). The 2.97mm wide angle lens gives a 88 degree field of view and the 8mm gives a 36 degree field of view. Specify the lens type you want at the time of ordering.
Suits: Comp, Team and Pro cameras only.

$30.00 inc GST

Extension Cable

The 2m extension cable is designed for use with the Comp, Team and Pro series of helmet cameras. The 2 metre long extension cable connects to the cable coming out of your helmet camera and allows you to place your video camera and battery pack further from the helmet camera. Great for when you want to start experimenting with alternative mounting locations.
Suits: Comp, Team and Pro cameras only.

$30.00 inc GST

Hi-Gain Microphone

Our high gain microphone is great for capturing that howling engine noise or the tall stories told waiting for your other mates to catch up. The microphone is sensitive enough so that you can put it in your backpack and still hear everything, without having to put up with heaps of wind noise.
Suits: Comp, Team and Pro cameras only.

$40.00 inc GST

Ultra Clamp

The Ultra Clamp is great for clamping the camera in odd spots and on round bars like roll cages. The ultra clamp screws directly into the back of the Comp, Team and Pro cameras and is used in conjunction with the Wide Flange Mount that comes standard with POV1 helmet camera.
Suits: Comp, Team, Pro and POV1 cameras only.

$45.00 inc GST

2GB SD Card

The Sandisk Ultra II SD card features 10MB/s read/write speed and is perfect for use in the V.I.O. POV1 or ELMO SUV-Cam. The card has 2GB storage capacity for long recording times

$45.00 inc GST

1120 Pelican Hard Case

Launch Helmet Cams is an official dealer for Pelican Cases, the worlds toughest watertight cases. All Pelican Cases are dust proof and crush proof and come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Contact us for other sizes.

$75.00 inc GST

POV1 Extension Cable

Great for putting your POV1 helmet cam in odd places. The 5m cable is just like the standard 1.5m cable, except it is longer.
Suits: POV1 helmet camera only.

$119.00 inc GST

Nukeproof Helmet Mount

After the apocalypse, the cockroaches will be able to use these as a home. Our Nukeproof Helmet mounts are designed to take a beating and come with an unconditional lifetime warranty. Our mounts are precision machined from aircraft grade aluminium and the lens cover is made from super tough lexan (polycarbonate), giving your helmet cam complete protection. The mount attaches to your helmet using patented 3M Dual Lock fastening strips, which work like Velcro, but grips like nothing else. Every helmet mount comes with spare fastening strips, grub screws and an allen key.
Suits: Comp, Team and Pro cameras only.

$129.00 inc GST

LANC Remote Control

The CamEye Sport LANC remote control is designed to work with Sony and Canon video cameras with a LANC port. One button on the remote does it all – turns your video camera on/off and starts/stops recording. The bright LED on the front of the remote indicates what mode you are in. The Cameye Sport is great for prolonging battery life and allows you to stop/start recording without having to take off your backpack. The LED will even let you know when you are running low on battery or tape space.
Suits: Any video camera with a LANC port used in conjunction with a Comp, Team or Pro helmet camera.

$129.00 inc GST